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At Midlands Printing, your order doesn’t need to be shipped back to you or a mailing house for distribution. Midlands Printing  has its own, in-house, full-service mailing facility, allowing your print jobs to be mailed immediately after printing. There’s no better way to spread the word than putting your advertisement directly in the hands of your consumers. Our direct mailing service makes it easy to do exactly that. Beat the competition by ensuring your potential clients and customers get the message delivered right to their doorstep.

Inhouse Full Service Mail Facility...

We can live meter, affix postage stamps or use postal permit number accounts for your mailing in order to achieve the postage savings desired. We can handle various sized amounts of mailing projects, from five hundred pieces to thousands! For most mailings, file transfers of your files (ie: data, artwork, letter copies, etc.) are received via e-mail or FTP servers that are secure, simple, very quick, reliable and secure.

Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing has the highest and most consistent ROI. Each droplet of ink that gets printed on your direct mail campaign is determined by information we know or have gathered about your intended recipients. Every person on your mailing list is different and the message we deliver will reflect that.


Think of it this way: your database is the all-knowing oracle that drives variable content, which determines how we prepare your direct mail pieces. Your target's motives, location, age, income, stage in the purchase cycle and history can all be important factors when determining content and delivery of your direct mail campaign.

Match Mailings

Another specialty of ours is matching personalized letters with inserts or envelopes, and sometimes all three in one! We have quality control measures that ensure these personalized mailings are done accurately and by economical means.

Variable Data Printing

Also known as digital-print-on-demand, data-driven (or one-to-one) marketing, or personalized printing, variable data printing is a powerful technology that allows you to “speak” to and motivate individual recipients through printed communication. Database-driven text, graphics, and images can be modified on literally every printed piece without stopping the press, providing personalization at an unprecedented level.


Variable data printing allows you to modify your base document’s layout, content, and appearance using differing customization levels, from the basic personalization (e.g., changing the salutation on personalized letters), through fully customized, where the document’s message is targeted at a specific recipient.


Whether used to communicate with sales leads, increase sales, or strengthen customer brand loyalty, variable data printing can achieve dramatic results.

List Segmentation and Record Management

The ability to filter your corporate list (or database) into distinct groups of buyers based on preferred demographic data. Ability to segment buyers into different groups permits you to send direct marketing materials to specific groups of buyers.


That is not all, using a zip code, address and radius, you can generate a list of prospective customers that reside within the given mileage radius. This allows you to reach specific targets and specific locations giving you the best returns on investment per deployment.


Finally, we give you the ability to manage, clean, and verify addresses to make sure you are sending mail that has the best chances of reaching your objective. Your list will run through an advanced mailing process to check for de-duplication of addresses, CASS/NCOA and verify it is compliant with USPS regulations.

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